For the first time in Gurgaon and Delhi. A new taste, an exciting new experience form the kitchens of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with the magic of traditional ingredients. Magadh and Awadh is a speciality restaurant that focuses on the cuisine and culinary art of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Our Awadhi cuisine consists of the ever popular kbabas, kormas, biryanis, nahari, roomali rotis and warqi parathas. Who in India has not tasted or heard praises of these famed lucknowi delicacies? But how many of us are familiar with Magadhi or Bhiari cuisine? For the very first time we bring you the best and most authentic dishes from the kitchens of Bihar. Made to perfection, they are cooked with traditional spcies and ingredients specially procured from bihar to make it appealing to a more diverse clientele. Besides the traditional dishes like bhuna maans, murga jhor, sarso wali machli, besan ki subzi, ole ki subzi ghooghni, litti, bachka and vegetable chop, we have created our own special delicacies with subtle but exciting variations, like the machli chokha canapesitchna/jhinga and the Darbhanga style fish tikka.

Come, dine with us. We promise you Royal treat.