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At Magadh & Awadh we have a harmonious blend of traditional cuisine from the kitchens of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with the magic of traditional ingredients.

Lost recipes found in Gurgaon@ magadhandawadh

Food matters to us, infact it matters a lots.

All of us have some FOOD MEMORIES. This probably ignites the senses or reminds us of our childhood and gives us a complete satisfaction and happiness.

Food is an indicator of cultural identity. But even the strongest culinary traditions get diluted with time, due to changes in our life style, lack of ingredients & developments. More over, now a days we are having options from different part of the world, but there are still some recipes that always have a special place in our heart. Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy them as the person who used to make these delicacies are not with us or the ingredients are not available or we don’t have time to cook. The point is, we all have recipes we loved. How serendipitous to rediscover them here in the best restaurant in gurgaon.

Gurgaon. Mr. Vijay Gautam and Mrs Nishi Singh(sibling) a foodie, who have brought some lost recipes here in Gurgaon.

Mr. Gautam has always relished the Fish Fry (particulaty Tengra), Tissi Paratha, Machli Chokha, Khati doodh wali chai, itchna fry, bachka, ratoba, besan ki subzi, sarson wali machli, ole ki subzi, rasia, makhane wali kheer. But now when he is staying away from his parents & grand parents eating these delicacies is like a dream come true. He tried to find out his favorite delicacies in various restaurants in Gurgaon and Delhi. But he could never get any one of these delicacies.

I believe this is not just his story, most of us crave for our favorite dishes.

Some of the lost recipes that haveƂ been found and offered here –

Tengra fry as Tali Hui Machli

Deep fried tengra (cat fish), marinated with traditional spices

Machli chokha as Machli Chokha Canapes

Roasted fish meat (chokha) served on top of bread with traditional spices. This is our innovation and our attempt to revive one of the lost recipes of the ancient Magadh kitchen

Ichna fry as Inchna/Jhinga Canapes

Mustard based rustic prawn preparation from the kitchens of Magadh

Murga fry as Masaledar Murga

Deboned spicy and earthy chicken preparation

Machli jhor as Sarson Wali Machli

A most popular fish preparation with a mustard based gravy from Magadh

Meat as Bhuna Maans

The most popular mutton dish of Magadh prepared by slow-cooking mutton cubes and onions with traditional herbs and spices

And some of the vegetarian delicacies areas

Butlalegi as Besan Ki Subzi

Age old delicacy of Magadh made with gram flour cubes in mustard gravy

Ole Ki Subzi

Deep fried yam cubes cooked in a rich and spicy gravy

Matar Ka Jhor

Thin gravy preparation of crushed green peas, delicately seasoned with traditional spices

Some sweets

Makhane ki Kheer

One of the age old sweet dish from magadh made from Foxnut & milk


The traditional rice pudding from Magadh, sweetened with jaggery paste and served in our innovative style. This kheer used to be prashad for lohanda/kharna during the pious chhath puja.

We also came to know that they are using some of the traditional cooking methods like – cooking litti over fire, boiling milk in earthen pot over wood fire, Sautening mutton cubes for an hour in iron kadhai etc and also procuring the key ingredients from Patna, Nalanda and Darbhanga.

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